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BIOSCI       BIOSCI/Bionet is a set of electronic communication forums - the bionet USENET newsgroups and parallel e-mail lists - used by biological scientists worldwide. No fees are charged for the service.

BIOSCI promotes communication between professionals in the biological sciences. All postings to the newsgroups should be made in that spirit. While the general public may "listen in" to the discussions, these newsgroups are intended primarily for communications between researchers. There are other forums on Usenet such as sci.bio.misc for the asking and answering of biological questions from lay persons.

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BIOSCI/Bionet Groups
ACEDB-SOFT: Discussions by users of genome DBs using ACEDB.
    News: bionet.software.acedb   Subscribe/Post
GENBANK-BB: Info about the GenBank Nucleic acid database.
    News: bionet.molbio.genbank   Subscribe/Post
AGEING: Research into cellular and organismal ageing.
    News: bionet.molbio.ageing   Subscribe/Post
GENETIC-LINKAGE: Research into genetic linkage analysis.
    News: bionet.molbio.gene-linkage   Subscribe/Post
AGROFORESTRY: Agroforestry research.
    News: bionet.agroforestry   Subscribe/Post
GENSTRUCTURE: Genome and chromatin structure and function
    News: bionet.genome.gene-structure   Subscribe/Post
ANNELIDA: the scientific study of Phylum Annelida
    News: bionet.annelida   Subscribe/Post
GLYCOSCI: Research issues re carbohydrate and glycoconjugate molecules.
    News: bionet.glycosci   Subscribe/Post
ARABIDOPSIS: Information about the Arabidopsis project
    News: bionet.genome.arabidopsis   Subscribe/Post
IMMUNOLOGY: Research in immunology.
    News: bionet.immunology   Subscribe/Post
ARRAYS: Gene array & micro array technology.
    News: bionet.molbio.genearrays   Subscribe/Post
JOURNAL-NOTES: Advice on dealing with journals in biology.
    News: bionet.journals.note   Subscribe/Post
ARTHROPOD: Arthropod Biology
    News: bionet.arthropod   Subscribe/Post
MEDICAGO: the scientific study of Medicago plant (legume)
    News: bionet.organisms.medicago   Subscribe/Post
AUDIOLOGY: Research on audiology and hearing science
    News: bionet.audiology   Subscribe/Post
MAIZE: Research on maize.
    News: bionet.maize   Subscribe/Post
AUTOMATED-SEQUENCING: Research and support on automated DNA sequencing
    News: bionet.genome.autosequencing   Subscribe/Post
METHODS-AND-REAGENTS: Requests for information and lab reagents.
    News: bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts   Subscribe/Post
BIO-MATRIX: Computer applications to biological databases.
    News: bionet.molbio.bio-matrix   Subscribe/Post
MICROBIOLOGY: The science and profession of microbiology.
    News: bionet.microbiology   Subscribe/Post
BIO-SOFTWARE: Information about software for biology.
    News: bionet.software   Subscribe/Post
MOLECULAR-EVOLUTION: Discussions about research in molecular evolution
    News: bionet.molbio.evolution   Subscribe/Post
BIO-SRS: Sequence Retrieval System (SRS) software.
    News: bionet.software.srs   Subscribe/Post
MOLECULAR-MODELLING: Physical and chemical aspects of molecular modelling.
    News: bionet.molec-model   Subscribe/Post
BIO-WWW: WWW resources for biologists.
    News: bionet.software.www   Subscribe/Post
MYCOLOGY: Research on mycology
    News: bionet.mycology   Subscribe/Post
BIOFILMS: Research on microbial biofilms
    News: bionet.microbiology.biofilms   Subscribe/Post
NEUROSCIENCE: Research issues in the neurosciences.
    News: bionet.neuroscience   Subscribe/Post
BIOFORUM: General BIOSCI discussion.
    News: bionet.general   Subscribe/Post
PARASITOLOGY: Research into parasitology.
    News: bionet.parasitology   Subscribe/Post
BIONEWS: Announcements of widespread interest to biologists.
    News: bionet.announce   Subscribe/Post
PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Research into photosynthesis.
    News: bionet.photosynthesis   Subscribe/Post
BIOTHERMOKINETICS: Kinetics and thermodynamics at the cellular level.
    News: bionet.metabolic-reg   Subscribe/Post
PLANT-BIOLOGY: Research into plant biology.
    News: bionet.plants   Subscribe/Post
CELEGANS: Research in Caenorhabditis elegans & related nematodes
    News: bionet.celegans   Subscribe/Post
PLANT-EDUCATION: Education issues in plant biology.
    News: bionet.plants.education   Subscribe/Post
CELL-BIOLOGY: Cell biology research.
    News: bionet.cellbiol   Subscribe/Post
PROTEIN-ANALYSIS: Research on proteins and protein databases.
    News: bionet.molbio.proteins   Subscribe/Post
CHLAMYDOMONAS: Research on Chlamydomonas and other green algae
    News: bionet.chlamydomonas   Subscribe/Post
PROTEIN-CRYSTALLOGRAPHY: Research into protein crystallography.
    News: bionet.xtallography   Subscribe/Post
CHROMOSOMES: Mapping/sequencing of eucaryote chromosomes.
    News: bionet.genome.chromosomes   Subscribe/Post
PROTISTA: Discussion on protists (protozoa, algae, zoosporic fungi)
    News: bionet.protista   Subscribe/Post
COMPUTATIONAL-BIOLOGY: Computer and mathematical applications.
    News: bionet.biology.computational   Subscribe/Post
SCHISTOSOMA: Discussions about Schistosoma research
    News: bionet.organisms.schistosoma   Subscribe/Post
DEEPSEA: Deep-sea marine biology, oceanography & geology research
    News: bionet.biology.deepsea   Subscribe/Post
STADEN: The Staden molecular sequence analysis software.
    News: bionet.software.staden   Subscribe/Post
DIAGNOSTICS: Problems and techniques in all fields of diagnostics
    News: bionet.diagnostics   Subscribe/Post
TOXICOLOGY: Research in toxicology
    News: bionet.toxicology   Subscribe/Post
DROSOPHILA: Research into the biology of fruit flies.
    News: bionet.drosophila   Subscribe/Post
URODELES: Research on urodele amphibians.
    News: bionet.organisms.urodeles   Subscribe/Post
ECOPHYSIOLOGY: Research and education in physiological ecology
    News: bionet.ecology.physiology   Subscribe/Post
VIROLOGY: Research into virology.
    News: bionet.virology   Subscribe/Post
EMBL-DATABANK: Info about the EMBL Nucleic acid database.
    News: bionet.molbio.embldatabank   Subscribe/Post
WOMEN-IN-BIOLOGY: Discussion of issues related to women in biology
    News: bionet.women-in-bio   Subscribe/Post
EMPLOYMENT: Job openings in the biological sciences.
    News: bionet.jobs.offered   Subscribe/Post
X-PLOR: X-PLOR software for 3D macromolecular structure determination
    News: bionet.software.x-plor   Subscribe/Post
EMPLOYMENT-WANTED: Requests for employment in the biological sciences.
    News: bionet.jobs.wanted   Subscribe/Post
YEAST: Molecular Biology and Genetics of Yeast
    News: bionet.molbio.yeast   Subscribe/Post
FLUORESCENT-PROTEINS: Fluorescent proteins and bioluminescence
    News: bionet.molbio.proteins.fluorescent   Subscribe/Post
ZBRAFISH: Research on Zebrafish (Daniorerio)
    News: bionet.organisms.zebrafish   Subscribe/Post

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