'Make Money Fast' Scam

Melvin Purvis purvis at hoover.fbi.gov
Thu Mar 31 23:52:38 EST 1994

[Moderator's note: this posting is approved on behalf of the FBI,
which has stepped in to investigate the massive spree of fraud
being committed by the MAKE.MONEY.FAST posters.]

To the USENET Community:

You may be familiar with a rash of postings to various newsgroups
by various entities purporting to describe a scheme by Mr. David
Rhodes of Oxford, Kentucky on the subject of "Make Money Fast."  
These schemes have as their theme a list of people to whom you,
the mark, should send money -- followed by reposting of the
article with your name added to the list.  In this wise, the scam
purports, everyone who participates will become fabulously rich.

The FBI wishes to inform you that under no circumstances should

     1) Believe that this scam will work.  It won't.  It's a
          classic con principle to promise massive returns on
          your meager investment.
     2) Participate in the re-posting of the article.  If you do
          so, you are guilty of a Class IV felony.
     3) Propagate this scam further in any way.

We wish to further inform you that cases are pending in the
federal courts against several individuals who disregarded U.S.
statutes and attempted to defraud their fellow citizens.

Finally, we wish to inform you that David Rhodes himself is in a
Federal Correctional Institution for his part in the origination
of this scam and will not see the light of day until the year
1997, barring parole or pardon from higher authority.

Thank you for doing everything you can to stamp out this scam. 
Confidence men benefit no one but themselves.  Don't fall victim
to schemes like this.


Melvin Purvis, FBI

"It may not be true, as Lincoln Supposed, that you can't fool all of the
people all of the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large
country."  Will and Ariel Durant: _The Lessons of History_ 1969. 
mattweed at edith.princeton.edu	MPA candidate/WWS:95, (609)258-8236

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