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Wed May 26 21:09:39 EST 2004


[H]ere is what we have decided on post-"prints" (i.e. published articles,
whether published electronically or in print):

An author may post his version of the final paper on his personal web site
and on his institution's web site (including its institutional respository).
Each posting should include the article's citation and a link to the
journal's home page (or the article's DOI).  The author does not need our
permission to do this, but any other posting (e.g. to a repository
elsewhere) would require our permission.  By "his version" we are referring
to his Word or Tex file, not a PDF or HTML downloaded from ScienceDirect -
but the author can update his version to reflect changes made during the
refereeing and editing process.  Elsevier will continue to be the single,
definitive archive for the formal published version.

We will be gradually updating any public information on our policies
(including our copyright forms and all information on our web site) to get
it all consistent.


Karen Hunter
Senior Vice President, Strategy
k.hunter at elsevier.com

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