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Thu Aug 5 13:23:16 EST 1993

In article 4179 at, bcresas at (Scott Sammons) writes:
>Recently, there was a posting about a Solaris version of acedb.  The note mentioned
>that it was at in the repository/acedb directory.  I just tried
>to find it there with no luck.  Has it has pulled?  Does anyone know the whereabouts?
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i recently got some e-mail from N.STOKER at (Neil Stoker) with this
question.  the original solaris port (dirty as it is) can be found via anonymous
ftp at in the directory /pub/acedb.  i don't know
why it is no longer at has been down the last week for repair.  it is now
back in operation.  i apologize for any inconvenience.

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