Getting aware of new AceDB files?

Edward Welbourne Genetics eddy at
Tue Feb 22 10:25:11 EST 1994

In article <2jtdt8$kj7 at> rherzog at (Herzog Robert (DBM)) writes:

> Is there any possibility to systematically use this list to post announcement 
> of available updates about ACeDB formatted biological databases?

This sounds like something that could go into the FAQ posting; it has a section
on the ACeDB `family' with an entry per database.  If maintainers of databases
sent the FAQ maintainer a note to be included in their entry, just saying
Last major update to software: 1993/Nov/5
Last major update to data: 1994/Feb/14
possibly with an extra line for significant minor updates.  This could go 
with all the other info about the database, which would be a good place for it.

Does that seem a good solution ?

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