Suitable configuration for ACEDB/WCS?

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Feb 17 18:13:03 EST 1994

> We have been asked what hardware is needed to run the ACEDB system
> and the WCS. In particular the latter, which prequisites are there in 
> terms of OS, memory, disk usage? We have some workstations here running 
> SGI's IRIX and DEC's Ultrix and OSF/1. Please mail me and I'll summarize 
> if there is enough interest. 

I believe WCS is only available for SPARCs. They do not give out
source.  There has also not been an update for two years from the
Arizona WCS group. However, I believe Bruce Schatz has now moved to
the University of Illinois at least that is what I remember from the
hype in Science from last August. The last e-mail address I had was
wcs at I would like to learn if WCS is still alive.

To answer your question for a SPARC  we run wcs on a IPC with 24Mb RAM,
and it requires 34Mb of disk space.


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