Getting aware of new AceDB files?

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>This sounds like something that could go into the FAQ posting; it has a section
>on the ACeDB `family' with an entry per database.  If maintainers of databases
>sent the FAQ maintainer a note to be included in their entry, just saying
>Last major update to software: 1993/Nov/5
>Last major update to data: 1994/Feb/14
>possibly with an extra line for significant minor updates.  This could go 
>with all the other info about the database, which would be a good place for it.
>Does that seem a good solution ?

Exactly!  Curators of ACEDB databases are encouraged to design
their own paragraphs in the FAQ, and to send in updates.  If
you have a presence on the World-Wide Web be sure to include

Updated FAQ's are posted to this conference around the second
week of each month.  Here is part of the introduction for the
FAQ, which tells you how to get a copy:
    This document will be posted monthly to the BIOSCI newsgroup and to USENET conference news.answers.
    It is intended to be used as an index to ACEDB databases and
    to information about the database software.
    The latest version of the ACEDB FAQ should be available via
    anonymous ftp at machine ( as
    file pub/BIOSCI/ACEDB/ACEDB.FAQ or at
    ( as pub/ Answer 3
    demonstrates a sample FTP session.  If you only have
    electronic mail, the FAQ can be retrieved from
    mail-server at

    There is an HyperText Markup Language (HTML) version of this
    document available on the World Wide Web:


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