Proposed Extensions for ACEDB Query Builder

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Wed Mar 23 18:39:58 EST 1994

In article <2mnvrj$2o6 at> bks at (Bradley K. Sherman) writes:
>So as not to appear ignorant, I thought that I would find the latest
>documentation on using the query language & the query builder. After
>about an hour I located a tar file in france  that contains some
>PostScript files that expect A4 paper and some .tex files.  I tried
>using the LaTex and dvips that I have access to, but the programs
>complained loudly and I gave up.

Let me be clearer about this.  There is a file called doc.tar.Z
which exists on all four servers: ( in pub/acedb/ace2 ( in pub/acedb/ace2 ( in repository/acedb/ace2 ( in pub/databases/acedb/ace2

This file when uncompressed and untar'ed has a variety of
documentation.  The files and syntax.tex document
the query languate.  But I cannot print them!  My HP laserjet
4M printer which seems happy with most standard PostScript
files complains and will not print the .ps files --though it
does print the Postscript output of ACEDB.   I am not a TeX
maven, but I tried to convert the .tex file to PostScript
using LaTex and dvips but could not as both programs gave
error messages.

So, how do I print these files?  Is there any documentation
for the query builder?


p.s. I do have hardcopy of the 10 Dec 92 document
"Syntactic Definitions for the ACEDB Data Base Manager"
but I have a feeling that this was given to me as

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