ACEDB version 3.3?

Paul Brunk pbrunk at
Fri Nov 4 16:53:24 EST 1994

Hi all:

We're working on a genetic database for peanuts (arachis) and the
template we're working from is SoyBase 1.9.  We've imported our data
into ACEDB 3.3 (after making the necessary backwards-compatible
modifications to ACEDB 3.3's wspec files).

In 3.3, double clicking on a linkage group opens a tree display
instead of the graphic gMap.  We'd like the graphic gMap instead.
Before I plunge heedlessly into the code, is anyone else working on
porting SoyBase-style systems to ACEDB 3.3?

And more generally, how has version 3.3 caught on?  I haven't seen
anything about it on the net (except the source!).

Paul Brunk
Botany Department
University of Georgia
pbrunk at

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