IGD problem

Stephen Wood swood at unixg.ubc.ca
Wed Nov 16 01:49:13 EST 1994

rodrigol at biomaster.uio.no (Rodrigo Lopez) writes:


>I'm having a problem using IGD (the mosaic interface+AceDB) on my site.
>When I log in as another user and start igd and click on the link all
>I get is the contents of the csh file the link is composed of.

>All user what rx permission on all directories where I installed fred 1.0.

>So the question is: What an I doing wrong?

I encountered the same problem.  The answer from 
genome.dkfz-heidelberg.de is to copy the .mailcap and .mime.types files 
from your home directory to /usr/local/lib/mosaic and rename them mailcap 
and mime.types i.e. they should no longer be .files.

Worked for me.

Stephen Wood

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