macace privilege

Jeffrey Yuan yuan at
Fri Sep 16 15:24:21 EST 1994

Subject: macace privilege
From: Takako Igarashi, taka at
Date: 14 Sep 1994 03:20:41 -0700
In article <9409141019.AA17715 at> Takako Igarashi,
taka at writes:
>I installed a macace.  But I have one trouble with it. 
>I want to have a privilege of "write access", but I 
>cannot. I added my name to passwd.wrm file, but that 
>had no effect.
>Could anyone tell me how I should do ?
>Thank you for your attention of this mail.
>Takako Igarashi 
>National Institute of Health Sciences
>taka at

Try typing ACEDB.  It should work now.

Jeffrey Yuan
yuan at

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