MacAce 2.0b4 and System 7.5.5

Elizabeth Harris chlamy at
Thu Dec 12 09:35:31 EST 1996

Since upgrading my PowerPC 8100 to System 7.5.5 I have been unable to save
revisions in MacAce 2.0b4.  Trying to do so produces an immediate type 11
error and requires restarting the computer.  Is this a known bug, and is
there a way to overcome it?  

I gave up on attempts to upgrade to MacAce 4.1 last summer, after a
frustrating week of multiple error messages, system crashes, funny colors
on my screen, and lack of documentation on how to get it up and running,
i.e. I don't consider trying to repeat this upgrade process to be an
answer to my present problem.

Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at

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