MacACE 4.1b1 and map display problem

David Grant dgrant at
Thu Feb 29 12:33:25 EST 1996

In article <PST-2802961552230001 at>, PST at KSU.KSU.Edu (Paul
St. Amand) wrote:

> We are using MacACE 4.1b1 and can not display maps at all. If a map name
> is double-clicked, a window opens and then the machine crashes. We had no
> trouble with version 2. We have tried numerous models all with the same
> result. Any suggestions?

I had the same problem. Reverting to 4.0 allowed map displays. I don't
remember where I got this version but I'll send it to you if you can't
find it.

David Grant   dgrant at    (515) 294-1205

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