ACEDB data of Cyanobacterium

Nobuyuki Miyajima miyajima at
Thu Sep 5 03:38:39 EST 1996


We have just released a preliminary version of ACEDB data 
of Cyanobacterium synechocystis sp. Strain PCC680 based on 
the complete 3573470bp sequence. It is available from

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
WWW version is also available from

which uses Java enhanced clickable maps.
Comments about the acedb version should be sent to 
miyajima at
Comments about WWW version should be sent to 
cyanobase at
Thanks in advance for your interest.
Nobuyuki Miyajima
Kazusa DNA Research Institute
Department of Genome Informatics,
Chief Researcher
1532-3 Yana, Kisarazu, Chiba 292, Japan
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