briggsae bug

Sean Eddy eddy at
Fri Oct 3 10:40:51 EST 1997

In article <612rvk$ntd at> Danielle et jean Thierry-Mieg <mieg at> writes:
  >the sopurce code was untarred by hand after the updata files
  >the source tar file does not contain the briggsae tag which is
  >introduced in update 19
  >use INSTALL

Yes, that's probably it. 

INSTALL doesn't handle the case of a multiple architecture
installation. (For us, both Linux and SGI IRIX binaries.)  I did
source INSTALL for the Linux installation, moved bin to bin.linux,
then unpacked the IRIX executable distribution -- which must've
clobbered parts of wspec/.

All fixed now. Thanks for the help!



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