ace client/server problems on Irix 6.2

Jonathan Epstein Jonathan_Epstein at
Fri Apr 10 09:48:15 EST 1998


I'm experiencing great difficulty in making the ace client/server run
properly.  I have installed ACEDB along with the worm data so that it is
operating correctly in the normal stand-alone mode.  I am using the
pre-compiled Irix binary for the client, while for the server I am using a
binary which I built on my Irix 6.2 system using GCC.  Here is an excerpt
from the server log file:

#### Server starts 1998-04-10_12:05:59
#### host=(unknown)  port=20000114  ACEDB=/disk3/people/epstein/acedb
#### clientTimeout=600 serverTimeout=600 maxKbytes=0 autoSaveInterval=600

New Client 1, 1 active clients
Unauthorised access by client 1, magic = 273341400 != look->writeMagic =
-14132124, look->readMagic = 66998898

Closing Client 1, 0 active clients

No more active clients, starting to count-down: 600 s //

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

- Jonathan

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