Java <-> ACeDB ??

Richard Bruskiewich rbrusk1 at
Thu Sep 3 13:03:59 EST 1998

Hi David (dgrant at,

How well did your VirtualPC on PowerMac run WinAce?

I am off to the Sanger Centre later this year/early in the next, for a
postdoc, and intend to continue work on WinAce there.  What Ewan is
saying is true: ACEDB is a bit of an exotic bird when it comes to
queries; however, I see it in our interest to refine ODBC/JDBC-like
features to facilitate WWW access to ACEDB on either UNIX or Windows NT
servers... What were you hoping to use the JDBC for, specifically?

Richard Bruskiewich

Ewan Birney wrote:
> Well... it would be very interesting to get a JDBC driver
> fitted onto ACeDB but to be honest, I don't think it
> will happen in the near future... ;)
> ACeDB does not conform to the SQL standard for quires, as its
> database concept doesn't fit SQL so well. There is in fact a
> Ace queyr langauge (AQL) in development - I believe it is
> in the latest release - whihc does have a passing semblanace to
> SQL but I doubt enough to make it possible to write a JDBC driver
> to it.
> As for Java<->Acedb, I think Linclon stein is the person working closest
> to this sort of thing with a son-of-Jade type approach.
> Ewan Birney
> <birney at>

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