WinACE 4.8b (archive by 22.10.99)

Kirill Lebedev kirill at
Sat Oct 30 04:56:45 EST 1999

Hello All!

I can not to run Tace.Exe.
OS: WinNT 4 with SP5 workstation.
F:\ACEDB - root directory,
F:\ACEDB\bin - directory to programm.
Run command:
1. Tace.Exe
2. Xace.Exe //f/ACEDB

Xace.Exe working normally, but:
1.I can't printing. Can i setup printer in this version? I can't see
bottom part of printing window - may be setting in bottom part?
2.When I reinitialize database, i answer Yes to question about
reinitializing, and have error window:
ERROR: Failed to open for writing: /tmp/ACEDB610612ed.0 (system error 2
- No such file or directory).

Can anybody help me?

With best regards,
    Kirill Lebedev,
    Timirjazev Argicultural Academi,

PS. Sorry for my English.

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