Error when read .ace file

Ken Ogata ogataro at
Wed Sep 1 03:25:56 EST 1999

Dear Sirs

I have a question.
I couldn't read the Schistosoma data files into ACEDB.

Here is the my situation. :
I start to use "ACEDB", finish to download, install & reinitial
the database.
Next, I try to read the Schistosoma data files,dump1,2,3. ace,
into ACEDB. But  I couldn't make it.
What I did for Schistosoma data is download the dump1,2,3.ace,
options.wrm, models.wrm, subclasses.wrm, displays.wrm.
Of course, I over wrote four files of .wrm on the originals .

I attach the ERROR MESSAGE what I got through reading the ace files into

database below.

FATAL ERROR reported by program xace, in file lexsubs4.c, at line 1929:
Attempt to create a key with emtpy name in classAuthor

// Sorry for the crash, please report it, if it is reproducible

ERROR: parse error near line 159074 in
No obj : No object name

ERROR: parse error near line 209 in
jap0009 : Unknown tag "japonicum"

The version of ACEDB what I use is 4.7l
(bin.linux_libc6.4_7l.tar.Z) from Sanger and
four .ace files of Schistoma data are from
I don't know how I should do,  so I'd like to have some

Thank you for your kindness.

Ken Ogata
ogataro at

Information and Reference Center
Institute of Tropical Medicine


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