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Tue Sep 28 04:53:43 EST 1999

  To Jade-developers (Mieg, Stein, etc...?):  I have been studying the
Jade-stuff a bit lately, and I think that I will try to implement it in my
situation (intranet). But am I right in thinking that no database writing can
take place, only read access? This will probably not be a problem for me,
since I have in mind a simple map editor that would load & parse and
.ace-file with objects in a map and dump a modified .ace-file.	But am I
perhaps mistaken, can Jade do the same as AcePerl: write to a database? If
not, are there any plans for such functions, or is Jade primarily intended
for multiple/heterogenous dbase read access operations?

  With advance thanks, and thanks for the help on the query problem the other
day :)


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