Problem characters in object names

Keith Bradnam keith at
Tue May 16 06:54:28 EST 2000

Is there a reason why acedb doesn't seem to like colons in object names?

In our database I prefix all sequence and protein objects with a
descriptor of the relevant database. E.g.


I've noticed recently that if I have a keyset window which contains a
number of sequences and I try to perform a query such as:


then it will return no objects.  The problem seems to be with the colon.
I can return successful queries such as:


but as soon as the colon appears in the query it this for a
particular reason (does the colon perform a function similar to
use of the semicolon?).

It only does this when using a query from within a keyset window.  Typing
in TREMBL:* from the main window works fine.

Anyone have any ideas?


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