quick Y/N question (Ed? Richard? this might be for you...)

Mark Wilkinson mwilkinson at gene.pbi.nrc.ca
Wed Nov 22 04:23:20 EST 2000

could someone send me a few lines of a GFF2 dump from Acedb so that I can
test it against my BioPerl GFF2 parser?  Please chose something "tricky" if
possible as I would like to give it a thorough testing...



Richard Durbin wrote:

> Acedb is meant to generate strict version 2 GFF if you set the -version 2
> flag with seqfeatures.  If it does not, we should either clarify the GFF
> specification, or fix acedb.
> Richard

Dr. Mark Wilkinson
Bioinformatics Group
National Research Council of Canada
Plant Biotechnology Institute
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Saskatoon, SK


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