Getting Sanger-release.2000_07_14 To Compile On Solaris 2.6

Kevin Coakley zz1kc at
Wed Sep 6 03:28:55 EST 2000


I work for UCSD and I am trying to get Sanger-release.2000_07_14 to
compile on a Solaris 2.6 server.  When I use SOLARIS_4_DEF or
SOLARIS_4_RELEASE_DEF, it produces binaries that core dump. I was able
to compile version 4.7l on the server using SOLARIS_4_OPT_DEF but now
Sanger-release.2000_07_14.tar.gz does not include SOLARIS_4_OPT_DEF.
Anyone have any insight into how I could get Sanger-release.2000_07_14
to compile on Solaris 2.6 without core dumping?

btw: I did get the source to compile on a Linux server.

zz1kc at

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