Adding partitions

Richard Durbin rd at
Wed Sep 6 03:28:57 EST 2000

> >If I add partitions to database.wrm, what does it take to make ACeDB
> >notice them?  Re-reading models doesn't seem to do it, and I don't want
> >to have to dump and re-load the database - surely I don't have to do
> >that?
> >
> >Thanks in advance...
> Hmm... re-reading models in tace rather than xace seemed to work.  Odd.

I believe that new versions of the code will recognize changes to
database.wrm, so maybe your xace and tace have slightly different
kernel versions.

If you are stuck with an old version, then you can avoid reloading the
entire database by adding lines to database/ directly.
This breaks the rule that you should never manually touch the
database/ directory, but is a workaround for the problem that Tim had
which has been tested many times and will not have adverse
consequences.  Don't change anything else in database/!


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