acedb future?

Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at
Thu Sep 7 07:16:24 EST 2000

You can count on me to maintain a functional acedb
whatever other people do


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>Subject: Re: acedb future?
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>Date: Thu,  7 Sep 2000 09:24:18 +0100 (BST)
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>Ewan Birney <birney at> wrote:
>>Where should ACEDB go?
>More documentation, rich in examples.  Tutorials at
>major conferences.
>ACeDB is still the only system where middle-aged,
>tenured Molecular Biologists sit down and understand
>the interaction quickly.
>Please spare the world an objectified, Corba-ready,
>OMG sanctioned, UML specified, Java-rich, multi-tiered,
>component-heavy, ORB-funky, multiply-inherited,
>polymorphic, open-source, ontolological yet hermeneutic,
>slow-as-molasses, non-functional ACeDB.
>    --bks
>p.s. Genes are verbs not objects.

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