What research articles have been published on ACEDB?

Dave Matthews matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu
Tue Sep 19 03:37:51 EST 2000

Hi Martin,

> I am a graduate student studying data-modeling and am very interested in
> ACEDB.  Can you tell me which, if any, research articles have been
> published about it.
> Thanks very much,
> Martin Brandon
> mbrandon at gen.emory.edu

The only ones I know of are what's listed in the ACEDB FAQ:

  Cherry, J.M., Cartinhour, S.W., and Goodman, H.M. (1992). AAtDB, an
  Arabidopsis thaliana database. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 10:
  308-309, 409-410.

  Cherry, J.M. and Cartinhour, S.W. (1994). ACEDB, A tool for biological
  information. Pp. 347-356 in: Automated DNA Sequencing and Analysis, M.
  Adams, C. Fields, and C. Venter (Eds.). Academic Press. Online version:

  Dunham, I., Durbin, R., Mieg, J-T & Bentley, D.R. (1994). Physical mapping
  projects and ACEDB. Pp. 111-158 in: Guide to Human Genome Computing.
  Bishop, M.J (Ed.). Academic Press.

Does anyone else out there have an updated bibliography?

- Dave


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