xace problem

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Sep 19 03:57:34 EST 2000


> so it seems to be an X thing.

Yup, I'm afraid this is a known problem with later versions of Solaris (5.6),
our code is wrong but our error only shows up with certain window manager
behaviour and Suns window manager has changed its behaviour.

The net is that this is our problem and should be fixed, and so it has in acedb
4_8. I don't think this was fixed in 4_7l.

There is a beta version of 4_8 (which many people in Sanger are using) on the
ftp site as: 


Can you try this and see if there is still a problem ??

I am loathe to spend time fixing 4_7 as we plan to release a pucker version of
4_8 (which will be released as 4_9) next month.

cheers Ed

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