x-rated acedb

Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Fri Sep 22 12:50:12 EST 2000

acedb recognisez the upac code

n is sometimes shown as - in displays

w, s etc are recognized and used by acedb in numerous cases
like in non matching ovelapping cosmids

x is NOT a UPAC letter

so this whole letter is just creating confusion
and should have been removed by the moderator

jean thierry-mieg

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>Subject: x-rated acedb
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>Hi all,
>I've just discovered that tf you read a sequence into Acedb which contains
>an 'x' (representing an unspecified base) it seems to convert it into an
>insertion ('-').  It also messes up the format of the sequence in tree display
>(at least in AceBrowser).
>I know that 'N's are 'allowed' by acedb, but this made me start thinking
>whether acedb recognises any of the other internationally agreed symbols,
>e.g. 'w' for weak (A or T) etc.
>Anyone know any more about this - is acedb just misbehaving here, or is
>there any sort of reason for converting 'x' into '-'???
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