object is empty and other fine stuff

Kim Marshall kamarshall at ucdavis.edu
Wed Sep 27 03:58:45 EST 2000

Hi everyone,

   I have been having a very weird problem that is driving me crazy.
When I initialize our database (TreeGenes), the first class
I click on through webace most often says object is empty even though
I know that object is there. I can then go and clean out the javacache
and click on the object and its information will show up. It was
suggested to me
that I may need to upgrade the memory on our server, which I did to 1
gig, but I still have that same problem. Any ideas? Is it a RPC problem?
I am running Solaris 2.6 with Acedb 4.7g.

Also, this weekend I was considering upgrading our server to Solaris 8
was wondering how well acedb, webace and acebrowser run with this
system. I am considering the socket version of webace but I am open to
ideas to keep things up and running.

And finally, how can I include URLS in our data. Currently, if I use the
full URL http:// the rest of the information gets commented out. I
there are solutions to this but I have no idea what.

thanks for any help.

Dendrome Project
Institute of Forest Genetics
US Forest Service
kmarshal at dendrome.ucdavis.edu

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