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F. Coulier coulier at
Wed Sep 27 07:01:43 EST 2000


I have been running acedb for about a year on my computer (under Linux);
the install process went well at this time. I now want to install it on
another computer that should become the server of the lab (still under

I guess I need some help, although I think the problem lies not in
AceDB, but in my system (see below).

I put the database.WS9.4-*.tar.Z, bin.linux_libc6.4_7l.tar.Z as well as
the INSTALL script (all files gotten  anew from Sanger) in a directory
(I have write access to this directory), and tried to run csh INSTALL

It starts fine, ask me whether or not to proceed, starts the
installation, and starts reporting errors:

chmod: No match.
grep: Command not found. (same for zcat, mkdir, touch and tar)

Of course, all these commands are there (under /bin), and are exceutable
by anyone.

Now, what puzzled me (and I guess this is where I need your help), is
that these commands work ok in bash (the default shell) as well as sh,
but not in csh (and hence, I guess, why the INSTALL script cannot work).
When I su to root, these commands will work, even under csh (but of
course, I cannot install acedb under root).

Any idea where I went wrong?

Thanks for your help!


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