Help needed for install

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Thu Sep 28 10:28:51 EST 2000

try (as the readme says)

chmod 755 INSTALL

this is not really equivalent to
 are you running this as root (i bet a beer you are)
 i bet also that the following happens
 you should always say
 csh stuff -f
 otherwise you read $USER/.cshrc
 in this case i bet ~root/.cshrc
 and that .cshrc says path = null
 and you do not picck standard unix commands
 that is a lot of beers i am betting
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>I have been running acedb for about a year on my computer (under Linux);
>the install process went well at this time. I now want to install it on
>another computer that should become the server of the lab (still under
>I guess I need some help, although I think the problem lies not in
>AceDB, but in my system (see below).
>I put the database.WS9.4-*.tar.Z, bin.linux_libc6.4_7l.tar.Z as well as
>the INSTALL script (all files gotten  anew from Sanger) in a directory
>(I have write access to this directory), and tried to run csh INSTALL
>It starts fine, ask me whether or not to proceed, starts the
>installation, and starts reporting errors:
>chmod: No match.
>grep: Command not found. (same for zcat, mkdir, touch and tar)
>Of course, all these commands are there (under /bin), and are exceutable
>by anyone.
>Now, what puzzled me (and I guess this is where I need your help), is
>that these commands work ok in bash (the default shell) as well as sh,
>but not in csh (and hence, I guess, why the INSTALL script cannot work).
>When I su to root, these commands will work, even under csh (but of
>course, I cannot install acedb under root).
>Any idea where I went wrong?
>Thanks for your help!
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