socket aceserver installation instructions

Dave Matthews matthews at
Wed Aug 29 04:36:56 EST 2001

To: acedb at
Cc: ACEDB newsgroup <acedb at>

Hi acedb at,

I see in that
"The RPC server is not available in 4_9."  Okay.  

But it doesn't say where to find the instructions for setting up the
socket server.  They aren't included in ACEDB-serverLINUX.4_9c.tar.gz.

After an hour or so I ran across a file in ACEDB-source.4_9c.tar.gz
that looks really useful, wdocs/SOCKET_aceserver.html.

Haven't tried it yet but thought I'd mention it here because I've seen
folks on the acedb newsgroup wrestling with the socketserver.  

- Dave


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