table maker - hidden columns (NOT!)

Angela Baldo amb82 at
Mon Jan 29 03:46:00 EST 2001

Hi Janet,

I pointed the same thing out to Richard Bruskiewich last November, and
he agreed that it was strange.  I recall, we emailed a bug report about
it to Ed.  You can see the message here:;user=guest;selectid=186

Glad it's not just me!  :-)


Janet Young wrote:
> Hi all
> If I remember rightly, in the table maker in an old version of acedb I was
> using (I think 4.7l), when I hid a column, then if all the information in
> the other columns was identical, identical rows would only be shown once.
> But now I've updated to acedb 4_8c I get the identical rows multiple times
> (because information in hidden columns is different for these rows).
> Is this something I can do anything about or is it something which has
> changed in the acedb code? or maybe I'm remembering wrongly anyway? It would
> be more helpful for me to not show identical rows - I don't know what other
> people think...
> thanks
> Janet
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