passwordless saceserver? (for scripted access)

Tim Cutts timc at
Wed Sep 5 03:23:30 EST 2001

In article <3B93A722.CD9CAA0A at>,
Ed Griffiths  <edgrif at> wrote:
>Tim Cutts wrote:
>> This will also make the hoops AcePerl has to jump through unnecessary.
>What hoops ?  As far as I know AcePerl does not use saceclient at all so any fix
>to the client is irrelevant to AcePerl. Perhaps Lincoln could clarify ? I
>thought we had this setup for AcePerl now:
>                   |                           |
>   socket server ->| socket | network | socket |<- perl sockets <- AcePerl 
>                   |                           |

I was just saying that on the basis of what Dave said in his initial
post.  All that perl sockets stuff is irrelevant if AcePerl just points
at saceclient.  However, if AcePerl is talking directly as above, it's
probably more efficient, rather than going via an intermediate aceclient
binary, as it used to do with the RPC server.


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