Trouble loading large data into AceDB

Qunfeng Dong qfdong at
Thu Sep 27 10:31:02 EST 2001

Dear Tim, 

Thanks for your help! I checked the cachesize.wrm file. It shows
Cache1 = 128000
Cache2 = 256000
DISK = 80000

How should I change it?


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> >Hi there, 
> >
> >Sorry if this has been discussed before. I am having some weird problems of 
> >loading Ace files into AceDB. The problem is that sometimes AceDB crashed 
> >whenever the Ace files exceed certain limits (just a couple of thousand 
> >records). There is nothing wrong with the Ace file syntax and after I break 

> >Ace file into smaller ones, the loading is fine again. 
> >
> >Is there a simple way to fix this? Thanks!
> Have you tried increasing the values in cachesize.wrm?
> Tim.
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