querying DNA_homol in sequence class

Richard Adams Richard.Adams at ed.ac.uk
Fri Aug 30 03:36:19 EST 2002


I'm an AceDB newbie so please forgive me  if this question has a trivial

I'm wanting to access the start and finish coordinates for DNA homology
matches to genomic sequence.
my AQL query is

 select a, a[4], a[5] from a in object ("sequence",
"Em:AC104662")->DNA_homol where a = "Mm_A:contig_66209"

as a specific example.
If, say for a cDNA, there are multiple sets of coordinates
(corresponding to exons), this query
doesn't retrieve just the coordinate sets. Instead it lists all a[5]
coordinates data for each of the a[4] coordinates.
e.g.,  for a 3 exon gene I might get

name   23    45
name   23    45
name   23    45
name   23    45
name   23    45
name   23    45
name   23    45


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