Off-by-one in $obj->asGif after upgrading to ACEDB_4.9s

Morten Hulden morten at
Tue Jul 8 03:01:32 EST 2003


In 4_9s, if connected over sgifaceserver, a command that outputs a gif
image to standard output:

> gif map mymap;gifdump -

will include the trailing NULL (from the C-string?) after the first line:

// 11052 bytes

Only sgifaceserver will do this. The giface client will not include 
trailing NULLs if printing to standard output. 

AcePerl's obj->asGif method will fail producing a valid gif-file from this
output, as it will not split away the NULL byte in front of GIF89a.

Following change in will fix it. It's not the correct fix
(which should be made in AceDB source, not in AcePerl), however, just a
workaround. line 1764, Aceperl 1.86:
- return unless ($bytes, $trim) = $data=~m!^// (\d+) bytes\n(.+)!sm;
+ return unless ($bytes, $trim) = $data=~m!^// (\d+) bytes\n\x0?(.+)!sm;

But I'm still interested to know if others have seen this problem, or if I 
just screwed something up. I have it on two diffent machines though..


On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, Morten Hulden wrote:

> After upgrading to ACEDB_4.9s, sgifserver seems to provide gif-images 
> where the first byte is NULL and the last byte is dropped. 
> AcePerl now outputs faulty gifs with the obj->asGif method ( As
> AcePerl has not changed, and giface client produces good gifs I assume
> something changed in sgifserver. Anyone else seen this?
> I also tested 4.9u with same results.
> Compiled with gcc 3.2.2 on Linux RH9, -O2/-03 optimation.
> MHu

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