problem with object names containing "//"

Dave Matthews matthews at
Tue May 6 03:03:33 EST 2003

Big problem with sgifaceserver, smaller with tace.  

% saceclient -port 2000
acedb at> find reference http:/\/

No response.  The server crashes after a few minutes.  During which it uses a
lot of cpu and memory, sometimes all of the memory.

"find reference http*BYDV*" has no problem, works fine.

In tace there's no performance problem, the "acedb>" prompt returns 
immediately.  However there's no report of the result, not the expected
"// Found <xx> objects in this class".  And nothing was found.:

acedb> find reference http:/\/
acedb> list
// Found 0 objects in this class
// 0 Active Objects

This is with ace4_9p on Solaris 8.  (Which otherwise is working fine,

- Dave

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