Installation is missing acedb, textace, others

Douglas Hoen douglas.hoen at
Mon Feb 16 03:34:01 EST 2004


I am trying to install a brand new AceDB on a Linux system 
(Redhat/Fedora). This is the first time I have tried this. I am 
attempting to follow the instructions in the Installation Guide 
( but am having 

I have downloaded the latest dynamically linked server binary, tools, 
and from

ACEDB-serverLINUX.4_9y.tar.gz, ACEDB-demo.4_9y.tar.gz, 
ACEDB-doc.4_9y.tar.gz, ACEDB-help.4_9y.tar.gz, ACEDB-tools.4_9y.tar.gz, 

I have put all these folders into a new directory owned by a new user 
("acedb"). I have run the INSTALL script, which appeared to go without 
error, extracting all of the tarballs. However, the files acedb and 
textace which are mentioned in the Guide don't seem to have been 
created, nor does the wspec directory. The following are the only 
directories that were created:

bin, wdemo, wdoc, whelp, wtools.

Please help! Thanks in advance (again),


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