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               The Agroforestry Research : UK Discussion Forum

    The Agroforestry Research : UK Discussion Forum is an informal group of
    research workers in the UK involved in various aspects of silvopastoral and
    silvoarable research. We hold an annual, informal meeting to report on
    progress in various areas of work and to visit field sites. There follows a
    copy of the letter that is being circulated by post to the current mailing

    If you work in the UK, or indeed if you work abroad, and wish to attend the
    meeting please contact me. My various addresses are listed below and in the
    registration form which is attached. Please note that the Forum has no
    funds, that there is no registration fee, that those attending must pay
    their way and that the meeting is entirely informal.

    Alan R Sibbald        | Phone: 031-445-3401          |
    Secretary             |   FAX: 031-445-4035          |
    AFRUKDF               |e-mail: mi002 at uk.ac.sari.mluri|

          Agroforestry Research : UK Discussion Forum, Annual Meeting
                                13-15 June 1990

    The annual meeting of the Forum for 1990 is to be held at the Macaulay
    Land Use Research Institute, Craigiebuckler, Aberdeen over the period
    13 - 15 June. A draft programme is attached.

    The programme will begin on the 13th for those of you who wish to attend
    the meeting of the Below Ground Interactions Group. This meeting has
    been arranged for 7pm that evening at the School of Agriculture,
    University of Aberdeen, 481 King Street, Aberdeen.

    The main meeting of the Forum will be on Thursday 14th June. On Friday
    15th June there will be field trips to the MLURI Glensaugh Research
    Station where one of the National Network experiments and three other
    agroforestry projects are located and to a research site run by the
    Scottish Agricultural Colleges (SAC) and Department of Agriculture,
    Aberdeen University at Tillycorthie. The Tillycorthie site has a
    Forestry Commission/SAC cultivation and vegetation control trial and a
    trial on alder with and without inoculation with *Frankia*.

    The meeting is being organised locally by Colin Campbell (MLURI), John
    Hooker (Aberdeen University) and myself. We will need as soon as
    possible a clear idea of the numbers who will be attending and their
    domestic requirements for accommodation, food and local transport. If
    you intend to come to the meeting will you please complete the attached
    form showing which facilities you require us to arrange.

    As before, because the Forum has no funds of its own and because there
    is no registration fee, all participants will be required to pay for
    their own food and accommodation as they go. We will try to arrange
    rooms in hotels in the #20-#25 B&B category, if this does not suit you
    please let us know on the form and we will attempt, without any
    guarantee, to book what you require. Lunch on the Thursday will be
    served in the canteen at MLURI at a cost of about #2.50 depending on
    what you select. Lunch on the Friday for those taking part in the field
    trip will be at a restaurant close to Glensaugh. This is only a small
    establishment and we will need to get your choice from the menu and the
    money to cover it at some time during the meeting on Thursday so that we
    can phone the order ahead. Your co-operation in this matter will be
    greatly appreciated.

    For the purpose of organising the Group meetings, please also indicate
    on the form those Group sessions that you wish to attend. Please note
    that the Network Managers' Meeting and the Silvoarable Group Meeting are
    scheduled concurrently for the late afternoon *after* the main meeting.

    I look forward to meeting you at the Meeting, especially if you complete
    and return the attached form promptly and before 30th April.

    Yours sincerely,
    Alan R Sibbald
                  Agroforestry Research : UK Discussion Forum

         Provisional Programme for the Annual Meeting, 13-15 June 1990

    To be held at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Craigiebuckler,

    Wednesday 13th June
         19:00 - 22:00  Below Ground Interactions Group Meeting(Aberdeen U)

    Thursday 14th June
         09:00 - 09:10  Welcome by Prof T.J. Maxwell, Director of MLURI

         09:10 - 09:40  Report of the Network Managers' Group

         09:40 - 10:10  Report of the Silvoarable Group

         10:10 - 10:40  Report of the Below Ground Interactions Group

         10:40 - 11:10  Coffee Break

         11:10 - 13:00  Reports from individual research sites.

         13:00 - 14:00  Lunch

         14:00 - 15:30  Tree Protection - a discussion led by Chris Nixon

         15:30 - 16:00  Tea Break

         16:00 - 17:00  Formal business  1. Office bearers
                                         2. Newsletter
                                         3. Bulletin board
                                         4. Date & place for next meeting

         17:00 - 19:00  $1. Meeting of the Network Managers' Group
                        $2. Meeting of the Silvoarable Group

    Friday 15th June
         09:00 - 10:00  Travel to Glensaugh

         10:00 - 13:00  1. The National Network Site
                           - Alan Sibbald and Chris Nixon
                        2. Nutrient losses in silvopastoral systems
                           - Christine Watson
                        3. Nitrogen and water relations of grass and trees
                           - Colin Campbell
                        4. Tree protection trial
                           - Chris Nixon

         13:00 - 14:00  Lunch

         14:00 - 15:00  Travel to University of Aberdeen site, Tillycorthie

         15:00 - 16:30  1. FC/SAC cultivation and vegetation control trial
                           - David Atkinson
                        2. Alder trial with and without *Frankia* inoculation
                           - John Hooker

         16:30 - 17:00  Return to Aberdeen

                  Agroforestry Research : UK Discussion Forum

           Registration form and indication of domestic requirements
            Name:.............................  |Return this form by     |
                                                |30th April at the LATEST|
    Organisation:.............................  |to:                     |
                                                |                        |
         Address:.............................  |  Alan Sibbald,         |
                                                |  MLURI,                |
                 .............................  |  Pentlandfield,        |
                                                |  Roslin,               |
                 .............................  |  Midlothian            |
                                                |  EH25 9RF              |
       Post Code:.............................. |                        |
                                                | Phone: 031-445-3401    |
       Telephone:.............................. |   FAX: 031-445-4035    |
                                                | e-mail:                |
     FAX number:..............................  |  mi002 at uk.ac.sari.mluri|
    I will attend the following sessions:
    Main Forum Meeting (Thurs 14th)               |   |
    Below Ground Interactions Group (Wed 13th)    |   |
    Network Managers Group (Thurs 14th)           |   | 
                                                  +---+   NB ONLY ONE OF
    Silvoarable Group (Thurs 14th)                |   | 
    Field trip to Glensaugh                       |   |
    Field trip to Tillycorthie                    |   |
    I require the following:
                             Overnight accommodation
                               for the night of             Lunch
    Wednesday 13th June           |   |
                                  +---+                     +---+
    Thursday 14th June            |   |                     |   |  #2.50
                                  +---+                     +---+
    Friday 15th June              |   |                     |   |  #4.50
                                  +---+                     +---+
    Collected from the:
    Station                       |   |
                                  +---+    at ....am/pm on ......th June
    Airport                       |   |
    Dropped off at the:
    Station                       |   |
                                  +---+    at ....am/pm on ......th June
    Airport                       |   |
    Transport for the field trips |   |

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