A.S. Chamove A.S.Chamove at
Sun Dec 2 19:55:09 EST 1990

I am considering buying 300 acres of hilly land which is mostly gorse. 
I am interested in eventually planting a mixed woodland of natives and
some exotics.  When I ask locals how to get rid of the gorse, they say:
1--grub it out with tractors, but this will severely damage the hillside.
2--spray, but this will kill native seedlings (and I dont really want to
do this anyway.
3--cut the gorse, but they will regrow.

I had thought of interplanting with fast-growing trees to shade out the
gorse, but then I would be left with dead gorse for 10 years.  Eucalypts
are fast growing, but would they kill the gorse.  Pines are fast growing
but they seem to inhibit the grass and lead to erosion. 

Any suggestions?
Arnold Chamove
Massey University Psychology
Palmerston North, New Zealand

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