gorse = juniper?

A.S. Chamove A.S.Chamove at massey.ac.nz
Thu Dec 6 22:55:07 EST 1990

Thanks for the info on Napthalene Acetic Acid.

Gorse is a very spiny plant introduced from the UK to NZ.  When the
natural cover of slow-growing evergreens was cleared for sheep farming
here, the gorse (introduced for hedges) were able to compete because they
are not palatable to sheep while the natives are.  The gorse form a bush
about 3 meters high and across with no commercial value and a bitch to
get rid of.  I dont know what keeps them in check in the UK, but they
do take over motorway (freeway) verges there and have to be cut and

MY goal is to produce a hillside of mixed grass and open trees where one
could walk or ride or even graze a few of the local pigs (grass eating
variety: kuni kuni).  It would be an amenity area; now it is impenatrable
because the of the heavy gorse infestation.

The area is not dry and has green grass all year.  Rain can be intense
and so I want to maintain at least grass cover as much as possible.  It
is very windy here in NZ, very windy for short periods of time (one or
two days).

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