sprouting from conifers

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Thu Dec 13 06:39:00 EST 1990

Sorry to be a pedant, but Joseph Meyer wrote (in response to SJ Gill):

"Thanks for clearing that up.  I'm sure juniper is incorrect.  I was relying
on Merriam-Webster's dictionary, obviously a very poor choice for plant
taxonomy, which defined "gorse" as "juniper".  Sorry about that, I should've
know better.  The plant description by Chamove indicated it couldn't be a
juniper.  Regrowth from stumps is a problem associated with hardwood trees, not

Actually there is one conifer (Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese cypress) that
does produce suckers from cut stumps.  I seem to recall that Taxodium disticum
(swamp cypress) sometimes does the same.  There may be others ???

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