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Thu Jan 18 12:15:26 EST 1990

    I have been contacted by a number of people asking for information on the
    proceedings of the International Agroforestry Conference "Agroforestry :
    Principles and Practice" which was held in Edinburgh in July 1989.

    An announcement was made at the Conference on behalf of the organisers by
    Prof. Paul Jarvis to the effect that the proceedings would appear as a
    special edition of the journal "Forest Ecology and Management" which is
    edited by Prof. Larry Roche of UCNW, Bangor.

    Paul Jarvis is senior editor for the papers in the proceedings and, to the
    best of my knowledge, the refereeing and editing process is up to schedule.
    The announcement at the Conference stated, as far as my memory serves me,
    that the proceedings would be published this summer (1990).

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