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-----------  AGRFORESTRY IN THE UK ----------------------------

Newsletter of the UK Agroforestry Research Discussion Forum

------------- FIRST ISSUE OUT NOW -----------------------------


AGROFORESTRY IN THE UK is a newsletter produced quarterly at the
University of Wales, Bangor for the UK Agroforestry Research
Discussion Forum.  It contains short news items about the progress
of agroforestry research projects and the people doing them, and
longer research and discussion articles describing research projects
and topical isuues in agroforestry in more detail.  It is published
in February, May, August and November, the first issue (VOL 1 No. 1)
is available on request from The Editor, Agroforestry in the U.K.,
School of Agriculture and Forest Science, University of Wales, Bangor,
Gwynedd LL57 2UW.  The first issue is free, subsequent issues will only
be sent to subscribers.  Subscription for VOL 1 is #10.

People who have already received a complimentary copy of the first
issue - please subscribe soonest.  The next issue is the bumper
annual report issue and only enough copies for subscribers will be
printed!!  Please also subscribe individually - the price is low to
permit individuals to subscribe and a large print run done that
reduces unit cost.  If only one copy goes to an institution with
several researchers reading the newsletter the price will have to
go up.  This would be a shame, the idea is to get fast circulation
of information, views and ideas that implies readers receiving their
own copy.  So far 22 subscriptions have been received, 5 from institution
libraries!  Library subscriptions are good for drawing in the more
casual reader but I hope that active researchers will also order
their own subscriptions.  We need a vigorous response to the
newsletter to make it viable.

Fergus Sinclair
Lecturer in Agroforestry
School of Agriculture and Forest Science
University of Wales,
Gwynedd LL57 2UW

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