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Have you tried using the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS)?  Their
headquarters are at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (Maryland),
but I think a lot of the bean collections are at the Plant Introduction
station in Pullman, Washington.

For commercial sources, check Kent Whealy et al.'s _Garden Seed Inventory_
(second edition), 1988, Decorah, Iowa, Seed Savers Publications.  (SSE's
various _Inventory_'s are excellent references to all sorts of plant
material.  Folks in the NPGS use them.)  They list at least six sources
for tepary beans, the one with the most cv.'s being:
        Native Seeds/SEARCH
        3950 W. New York Dr.
        Tuscon, AZ     85745
                catalog: $1

The more specific you can be in explaining what characteristics the
material should have (or what you are going to use it for), the easier it
will be for people who manage bean collections to help you.

Doug Hemken
Dept. of Rural Sociology
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