Who's out there & chew on this..

Fri Nov 16 10:16:00 EST 1990

I have no expertise in this area, but watched a program on
our Public Television last night --one in a series called
"Living Isles".  It was about the fact that Britain was once
covered with forests which were cut and burned and now there
are vast heather and gorse covered areas.  I just wonder whether
you might find ideas in England about re-establishing trees
in such environments.
My reason for being on this mailing list is that I share in
the ownership of about 800 acres in Vermont which has been
managed as a tree farm for about 40 years.  When I first
spent summers there, there were many hayfields.  When we
stopped cutting hay the white pines slowly took over the fields.
The rest of the forest is mixed hardwood and evergreen.
		Anne Rawson

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