ICRAF E-Mail Address

Wayne Robarge augsec at ecsvax.uncecs.edu
Sat Aug 3 18:41:10 EST 1991

In article <9108010959.AA12293 at genbank.bio.net> AFS045 at vaxc.bangor.ac.uk writes:
>     Does anyone have the complete e-mail address for ICRAF Nairobi, Kenya?
>The e-mail address CGI236 is given on their letterhead but I'm told that this
>is not sufficient and more code is necessary.  I would apprecaite it if someone
>could help me fill in the missing address.
>                            Paul Wojtkowski, Univ of Wales, Bangor, UK.

The reference to "CGI236" is a CGNET address. This is 
a commercial e-mail net that links together research 
stations like ICRAF, IERRI, etc., throughout the world.
Access is usually via a central intermail address
between CGNET and whatever e-mail system you are on.
CGNET addresses are usually just the first initial and the
last name of the person you are trying to reach. This is
followed by the reference to the particular CGNET location
such as "CGI236". I have managed to contact a friend of
mine in Mexico using CGNET, but it wasn't easy. The connection
is through internet here in the U.S. It's free going into CGNET,
but costs the CGNET user about 70 cents to send something out.
I can dig into my old files to find out exactly how it
was done. Contact me at the address below.
wayne robarge
ncsu soil science
raleigh, nc usa

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