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kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
> > Excuse me for jumping in on this thread -- but regarding your comment that
> > a parallel mail list exists for US Forest Service employees to participate
> > indirectly with USENET.
> This is slightly out of context.  Each of the bionet USENET newsgroups
> has a parallel mailing list.  There is nothing specifically set up for
> the Forest Service.  However, if anyone in the Forest Service can
> send/receive mail from our host computer on the Internet
> ( then they can participate in the bionet newsgroups
> via e-mail.  This does not apply to USENET newsgroups in general.
> > Could you elaborate, or steer me in the direction
> > where I could find more information?  I am sitting in the midst of Region
> > One and I know that the Forest Service personnel I regularly see use the 
> > Forest Service's DECNET (or something like that).  Would it be possible for
> > me to send messages to those folks via USENET? or even via INTERNET?
> Only if one of their computers on DECNET also has a link into the
> Internet.  I don't know the answer to that one.

Some more deleted.

Forest Service people can get to the Internet (and vice versa) through the X400  
connection in Washington D.C. though I am not sure many employees know about  
it. Forest Service people at universities are a much better bet. For example,  
the North Central Forest Experiment Station in St. Paul, Minnesota USA has all  
the net priviledges of the U of Minnesota.

I think Hannu's idea is a good one. I'd say start small here and advertise,  
advertise, advertise! I use USENET but stopped looking at this group a long  
time ago. If it weren't for a colleague mentioning Hannu's posting . . . I have  
a list of forest biometricians who are EMail users and will soon be updating  
it. When I do, I'll mention this. I will also mention it to our Soc American  
Foresters Working Group secretary for newsletter announcement.

My other comment would be that we should be careful to apply the best  
electronic tool to each particular problem. If I am interested in a group's  
newsletter I'd like it sent to my personal Email. If I want to pose a question  
for discussion I use USENET. If I want a piece of software, I look at an  
anonymous ftp site--well, maybe Archie first (the above Working Group will also  
explore that).

Hope we get something going.
Thomas E. Burk
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teburk at umnacvx.bitnet

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