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Sat Dec 14 05:04:14 EST 1991

>S Subject: Computers in forest research newsgroup

>Our WP has had a quarterly newsletter that has been distributed by
>conventional means so far.  We have decided to go electronic now, 
>obviously with usenet.

>I would appreciate discussion on these and other upcoming questions.

>Hannu Saarenmaa				Hannu.Saarenmaa at


Since the beginning of this year I am Chairman of IUFRO S4.04-06
(Management Planning and Managerial Economics in Short Rotation
Timber Plantations).  In our Newsletter of March 1991 I wrote:

 "Some IUFRO groups are considering the distribution of 
  newsletters and other information by electronic mail.  Other 
  scientific and professional groups are using computer 
  conferencing, electronic mailing lists, noticeboards, etc.  
  I have mixed feelings on this.  On one hand, e-mail is 
  convenient, fast, and cheap, and ideally suited for 
  exchanging technical information in an informal manner.  On 
  the other hand, its use disadvantages and discriminates 
  against those who have no easy access to the networks.  
  Perhaps a mixed system, with local/regional distribution of 
  hard-copy might be practicable.  What do you think? "

Of course, I did not get any replies (in fact, I have got almost no
feedback from the group on anything whatsoever!  Anybody listening
out there!!??).   I still have the mixed feelings about the use of
electronic media, though.  E-mail and/or newsgroups are very useful
for person-to-person communication, and perhaps for some
announcements and discussion among the aficionados.  It is probably
too early to use them as exclusive/official means for information
dissemination within IUFRO.  It might be useful, however, to use a
newsgroup or e-mailing list for rapid distribution of news and
newsletters also available by more conventional means (paper, trees,
get it?).

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing more forestry items on the
net.  It was about time!  I feel, though, that in general a mailing
list might be more convenient than a newsgroup (except for attracting
new people).  I find hard enough to keep up with all the traffic in
the net news now, and also it appears that many of the postings never
make it to here.

By the way, IUFRO members interested in S4.04-06 can send me a note
to include them in our (paper) mailing list.  Better still, send a
contribution for the next Newsletter (a paragraph or two on anything
will do).

Oscar Garcia  -  garciao at
Forest Research Institute, Rotorua, New Zealand

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